You're not always going to be familiar with the weather in the places that you're traveling, let us fill in the gaps. Not only will this option tell you about the weather at your destination, but we will monitor your air travel as well!

Before Your Trip:

Starting at the time of purchase, your meteorologist will schedule a consultation time to tell you about normal weather at your destination to give you an idea of what to pack and what activities to expect. This consultation will allow you to ask any questions that you might have.

Two weeks in advance of your trip we'll provide you with a basic forecast.

One week in advance, your meteorologist will give you a detailed forecast and begin monitoring your air travel routes similar to the Air Travel Forecast. If any changes to your forecast are made, our meteorologist will notify you immediately.

Day of Your Trip:

Your meteorologist will monitor the weather at your destination and along your flight paths and will contact you if any changes to your forecast are made.

Vacation Weather Forecast Package

Receive consultation and forecasts via
Add flight monitoring for $55?

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