About Us

A while ago we discovered that the weather has become very impersonal. Most of us are given weather model output made by an algorithm instead of a forecast from a living meteorologist when we use apps and websites. But, weather isn't always as simple as an algorithm may make it sound. That's why large businesses and governments employ meteorologists - they need the most accurate weather information. Our goal is to bring that high level of weather forecasting accuracy and personal service to everyone. 

We are a team of passionate meteorologists who love to talk about the weather and see it as more than just a way to pass the time at work! We are led by founder Andrew Schwartz and come from various backgrounds. These include chasing tornadoes on the American great plains, digging through snow in the Australian Alps, and making air travel safer through winter weather research into how ice impacts airplanes.


Our diversity is what makes us great and we know we can tailor your custom weather forecast to you because of the unique experience that we have on our team.

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